why do we music?

In 2020 I listened to 365 albums. It took me almost 300 hours, and 12.5 days of listening.

I call it #Hearing2020, and there’s a story for that coming soon.

Listening to a new album every day changes the way you listen to music. It changes the way you view the artist. And it changes the way you think about music.

#Hearing2020 got my gears turning about music in the Tree of Knowledge, and in fiction altogether.

A Conversation from Andrew’s Silicon Valley Fundraiser

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Jeremy Streich

0:08 — Podcast Intro

Hello, welcome to this unique episode. I’m Jeremy Streich. Coming through the wire today, my guest is Andrew Yang . And he is a Democratic presidential candidate for 2020. It’s an entrepreneur, lawyer, philanthropist, founder of the venture for America nonprofit, which focuses on creating jobs in struggle American cities like I think he worked in Baltimore. Yang has experienced his startup early stage growth companies. …

And Where It’s Going

Photo by Peter Ogilvie
Photo by Peter Ogilvie
Horns in the Alps — Photo by Peter Ogilvie

Eighty thousand years ago man-made sound from the horn of an animal. It took us 78 thousand more to discover that sound could be captured like a child catches a butterfly. It was 1877, a time of great scientific intrigue. With the end of the Civil War, scientists like Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell followed their curiosities. Leaps were made.

The period between 1877 and 1925, or the “Acoustic Era”, was marked by the invention of a process for capturing sound by attaching a metallic horn to a membrane with a stylus on the end which would scratch an…

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Renaugurating the American Schism

To truly dissect the grit of a cracking American identity, let us first purge ourselves of all personal feelings towards the new American president.

What the events of January 20, 2017 revealed to the world, with more biting clarity than ever before, is the completeness of what I will call the American Schism. Over the past few years, America has bickered with slimy polarization.

What I saw first-hand at the Inauguration of Donald J Trump as the 45th United…

What kids 🌬can teach us about Economic Bubbles

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When I was little, I knew a kid who would always blow bubbles. All the rest of us would gather around to watch them grow and grow. Then, naturally, the rest of us would buy our own soap (or blow bubbles with our mouths, if one was an economical chap.) Pretty soon, everyone in class was blowing bubbles. It was glorious! And us kids could not have been happier. I wish that were the end of the story.

But then it began to rain.

When each bursting bubble brought waterworks…

“I wonder if there are podcasts from Elon Musk on self driving cars?”

“I know I am interested in Virtual Reality, but where I can learn about it?”

“I remember the host referenced an interesting movie, what was it called?”

𝚂𝚘, 𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝙿𝚘𝚍s𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚌𝚎?

Some of us are right handed, some of us are left handed, but few of us are both. Some of us enjoy audio, some of us like visuals, but most all of us prefer both. Podsource is both. It is an Internet-Media platform that focuses on podcasts, mating the audible back with its old friend: the visual.

Like Yellow Journalism

Thy name is Faust

As my company has started to pull down the pre-launch curtains, we have found ourselves confronted with a predicament that I never expected. People in Silicon Valley want to give you their money, and for a large percentage of them, I don’t want to take it.

I’m twenty-three years old, I’m white, I’m from a small town in New England, and I’m fortunate enough to be fairly well-educated. Right now, our team is 70% white and 17% female. It doesn’t take much to recognize that these numbers don’t reflect the demographic United States, let alone planet Earth.

If you’ve read…

The Rise of YogaHall✍️

Study Hall+Yoga = Better students and Better athletes.

I consider myself more of an athlete now than I was in college. We all know those athletes that can just run with it, no matter what. I admire them, they’re special, perhaps Alphas in their own way. Though professional sports make them feel numerous, the reality is that they are few and far between. More frequently, there are the athletes who battle the physical, those that battle the mental, and those that battle them both

They say that sports are 90% mental. For me, it was always the latter — more like 98% mental. Now though I recognize the…

Tending to the 🧠 Brain: Part 1

Flat Media: A media source that requires minimal critical or active thought.

Part 1: Two Brains are Better than One?

Part 2: Political Garbitrage
Part 3: The Knowledge Fallacy
Part 4: A Social Animal
Part 5: The New-Old and the Old-New

Are Two Brains Better than One?

It’s a strange statement to read, but in a sense, the modern human has two brains. One resides in our skulls and the other in our pockets’. Odds are, you are using both right now.

So what’s it like to have two brains? …

We are stuck.

It has been over a decade since Apple released the first iPhone in 2007.

Since then, we’ve seen the emergence of a new species of car, the birth and explosion of a new currency, grown meat in science labs, and even introduced of a seductive new extension of reality. The world has changed quite a lot in the last few years and seems only to be accelerating.

But in the personal device industry? It seems to be slowing down.

A streamlined evolution of the iPhone

Apple is a good company. They make nice, high-quality products that people enjoy using. They treat their employees well and their…

Jeremy Streich

Author of “The Tree of Knowledge” | Thinking hard about the future of Homo Sapiens Sapiens

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